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The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Baby's Toys

Your child’s toys should be spotless and sanitized, it is important for the hygiene of your little one.

Keeping your child's toys spotless and sanitized is one of the best yet most underrated advice for new mothers. With an underdeveloped immune system, your baby would need all the assistance he/she can get when it comes to remaining germ free. From crawling on the floor, to touching everything around them, and exploring the inside of his/her mouth, your baby can expose themselves to a lot of germs and illnesses easily. A little piece of advice for new mothers: The favorite toy of your little one can be a cesspool for germs. Decrease your child's chance of falling sick and let Dettol assist you with the tips to clean baby toys properly.

Your child's toys are available in all shapes and sizes.

How to Clean Your Baby Toys Depends on the Type of the Toy:

Small toys:

The dishwasher: Small plastic toys doesn’t need battery to function can be placed in your dishwasher. You can sanitize and clean these toys with the help of a little detergent and hot water

By hand: Small plastic toys that function on batteries should be cleaned only from the outside with warm water and soap. Make sure that you scrape off any on food or dirt that is stuck on the toy. Afterward, use Dettol Multi-Use wipes, as they provide all-round protection from a wide variety of germs.

Larger toys:

Start by cleaning the surface with soap and water, follow it by wiping the toy with a wipe. If the size of the toy is considerably big, it is advised that you use Dettol Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid. The liquid can be used on more than one surfaces in your home for overall disinfection. Please follow label directions

Fabric toys:

You can wash these toys in the laundry with soap and hot water. Depending on toy, one can either dry it by hanging it, keep it in the dryer or, if you're anxious about stuffing and clumping, simply put it in the dryer with fresh tennis balls (this will ensure that the inner stuffing doesn't clump).

How Often Should You Clean Them?

  • Bacteria can survive for up to a month on surfaces. So, if your baby's toys were wide-open on cooking surfaces, or if your kid was a part of a big play date with other kids, you should immediately clean the toys to eradicate germs.
  • You should clean the bath toys as soon as the bath is over, as residual moisture can causes mould and bacteria to gather on the surface.
  • Logically speaking, if none of your family members or any recent visitors have been sick, and if your house is kept sparkling clean, you need to clean baby toys only once every couple of weeks.

If you abide by these tips and clean baby toys, your little one would surely be able to enjoy a virtually germ-free playtime—which means it’s equally less worrisome for you!

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