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noneHow to remain clean and healthy

Personal Care for Clean and Healthy Living

Best health tip is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean at all times. Start your journey to good health.

Most of us equate the term ‘good health’ with six pack abs and a diet comprising salads and soups. However, good health is not just about superficial appearances – it has a lot to do with one’s immunity and overall hygiene levels as well. These two factors determine a person’s resistance to disease, and they start with one’s house.

So the best health tip is to keep yourself and your surroundings clean at all times. Here are a few

Pointers to Get You Started on Your Journey to Good Health:

Wash Your Hands Often.

Your hands can pass on germs from one surface to another and from one person to another. Similarly, others can pass on germs to you and make you ill. It is always better to keep the hands clean and germ-free by washing them with soap and water frequently. You can use Dettol bar soap for 100% better protection. If you do not have access to soap and water, use the Dettol Hand Sanitiser to kill germs.

Shower Twice a Day.

This is an important health tip, and it is quite effective in eliminating a lot of bacteria and germs on the skin. Showering twice a day with soap and water removes a lot of germs that would otherwise cause ringworm, fungal infections, boils or rashes. It is better to exfoliate the skin once a week with a loofah for good skin health.

Clean Raw Vegetables and Meat before Cooking.

The journey from farm to your kitchen is a long and a dusty one. Vegetables, meat and fruits are often stored in unhygienic conditions before they are brought into the markets for sale. Hence, you must make sure to wash them thoroughly before chopping and cooking. It is not enough to eat healthy, good health is also a result of eating uninfected food. Chicken and other meat may also carry traces of salmonella, which can make you really ill on ingesting it. Washing raw food in hot water may also remove a lot of impurities and bacteria.

Change Your Bedding Every Week.

You care to wear clean clothes, keep your footwear in excellent condition and are obsessed with a clean home. Then why neglect your bedding? You sleep on the same bed sheet, rest your head on the same pillowcase and use the same quilt or comforter for days on end. Meanwhile, your body sweat, oils, dust and germs in the air all converge on your bedding and make it a site for infections. Hence, it is important to change your bedding every week, especially when the bed is being used by an ill person. Wash your sheets and pillowcases and air dry them before folding them away with mothballs. You may also add a capful of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid in the last rinse as it kills 100 illness causing germs.

Use Antibacterial Detergent for Your Clothes.

Your clothes carry your sweat and body oils. They are exposed to dirt, grime and dust all day. Not only do they become dirty, they can also become sites for fungal and bacterial growth – these can affect your skin adversely and cause rashes and boils. Wash your clothes with a good antibacterial detergent or Dettol multi-use hygiene liquid that will kill all the germs. It is a good practice to wash your clothes after every use.

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