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Five new challenges every Modern Mom is facing

Parenting was never an easy task you should always take care of your little one.

Challenges every mom is facing

Being a mother in today’s time is a challenging task. We have to deal with the regular parenting issues like our children being fuzzy about nothing, or asking thousands of questions. If that wasn’t enough, we are introduced to another level of complexity: Technology! Thanks to the advancement in technology, children these days are living a digitalized childhood, and are growing up in a digitally—saturated environment.

The definition of motherhood has become very different for us than it was for our mothers. The rapid-paced and hectic life is presenting itself with new and unique pressures for us, especially in the case of working mothers. Parenting was never an easy task, and challenged have always been a part and parcel of it. But we today have to face the combined demand of situations like technology, rapidly-changing family dynamics, a round the clock information cycle and a beaten educational system.

Below mentioned are some of the issues faced by Modern-day Moms:

  • Lack of time: The life of a mother is never easy. We have to wake up early in the morning and go to work after being up with our toddler for almost the entire night. Then we reach home from work, prepare dinner, maintain the house, and do the laundry before we finally put our head to rest. We’re famished, stressed as we keep on switching between professional and personal life. As a result, children are left alone most of the time with complete access to almost everything. This results in behavioral changes, a feeling of insecurity and loneliness in them.
  • Technology and Entertainment: In the past, enjoying television meant watching scheduled shows on certain days & timings, when the whole family would come together and sat in front of the TV. Using PC was something we did rarely. Currently, we are parenting in the virtual age. Due to the digital age, current parenting techniques has given birth to a new wave of hi-tech issues to cope with along with other fears wherein children have unlimited and unrestricted access to all kinds of content on the web.
  • Struggling to teach good values: When we were growing up, we had our grandparents by our side to look out for us and instill good values, when our parents were away. Then, we were introduced to the nuclear family concept, where families these days does not have grandparents, and children are by themselves. With unrestricted access to almost all media and content, children start assuming that it’s ok to consume and imbibe all the content and replicate them in their daily lives. This results in we failing to teach moral values to them once they grow post a certain age.
  • Keeping our children healthy: Unlike us, children these days don’t play cricket or outdoor sports with other children in the neighborhood. The entire blame for this situation has to be taken by us. We have hooked them up with TV, video games and computers. This has resulted in them preferring to be indoors than outdoors, which results in low immunity, social isolation, obesity etc. apart from other health hazards. Staying indoors for an extended period of time curbs the development of the natural immunity of children, hence making them more vulnerable to germs and illnesses present in today’s polluted environment
  • Prevalence of evolved germs: In the last decade, not only has the pollution and the dust particles gone up, but the germs present in the environment has evolved alarmingly. These microbes are more resilient, multiply quicker and are difficult to get rid of, which makes curing diseases caused by them a daunting task. These environmental issues are really frightening, especially when it hampers the health of our children.

There is an increasing need for us to alter our life in order to protect our children from the changing environment around them. For the mental development of our children, it is necessary to make changes in our daily lifestyle and routine and spend more time with them, listen to them more and try and understand their point of view. As far as their physical fitness and hygiene is concerned, children must be motivated to play outside carefree while the all New Dettol Gold range of soaps & liquid hand washes give them 100% better protection. With changing times, our methods of protecting our children should change.

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