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noneHygiene in your daily life

Hygiene in your daily life

Washing hands regularly is the single most important hygiene step in fighting the spread of bacteria and other germs.

We are all completely aware of the kind of health risks that we are exposed to on a daily basis, and that has made hygiene the most vital part of our life. Actually, majority of the new-world diseases like bird flu and swine flu have been associated with lack of hygiene. If we work towards maintaining better hygiene today, it will surely help the generation that would follow us.

Hygiene is a habit that should be given importance and be indoctrinated in children from an early age. Hygiene should not be all about our bodies; it should also concentrate on maintaining our surroundings as well.

Let us see how we can,

Maintain hygiene in the best manner:

  • Committing yourself to self-hygiene

Keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions in India, it is highly essential to staying hygienic and teach our loved ones the importance of hygiene. As Indians, we have always looked down for our lack of hygiene and it is high time we changed that notion.

Let us look at some,

Tips that will help you stay hygienic:

  • Make sure you brush your teeth twice on a daily basis. Dental hygiene is very crucial as your teeth get easily damaged if not cared for properly
  • Make sure you bathe daily, and depending on weather conditions, don’t shy away from bathing twice if you have to. Bathing is really important, especially in a city where humidity and pollution breeds bacteria faster.
  • Wear a clinical mask if you are travelling through highly polluted areas. Exposure to pollutants on a regular basis can increase the toxin levels in your body and lead to respiratory issues.
  • Always wear fresh set of clothes. Wearing the same clothes without washing them can lead to variety of skin disorders. You can add an extra layer of protection by using multi-use hygiene liquid while washing your clothes
  • Always keep your genitals extremely clean. It is easy for bacteria and infections to spread from there.
  • Wash your hands in regular intervals. We end up touching a lot of unclean places almost every few minutes.

Let us understand how we can keep our surrounding hygienic:

  • Dispose waste as soon as you can. If waste material is not handled properly, it can lead to the outbreak of deadly diseases like Pneumonia, Jaundice, and Tuberculosis. History has been a proof that most of the epidemics has caused due to improper waste disposal.
  • Always keep your home clean. Keep your toilet and kitchen germ free. There are highly effective kitchen gels available in the market that helps in cleaning and disinfecting multiple surfaces. Chose the ones that are dermatologically tested and safe on hands.
  • Do not dispose waste nearby residential areas
  • Never spit or urinate in public places.

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