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Dettol D95 Mask

D95 Mask with its 6 Layer Triple Particle Filtration system filters Pollution & Germs*

Dettol D95 Mask

Dettol D95 mask contains 6 Layer Triple Particle Filtration System. It has a unique Splash Resistance feature which gives protection from contaminated fluids. The mask is designed to provide wider face coverage for maximum protection. It consists an adjustable nose clip, soft & elastic ear loops for extra comfort and also ensures there is minimal eyewear fogging and low heat build up on wearing. At Dettol SiTi SHIELD we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your lifestyle and pollution protection.

Product Features

How to Use

  • Earloops to be adjusted and secured over ears 
  • Flat edges, no space between mask and face 
  • Tight yet comfortable 
  • Nose covered with nose clip pressed down at the top 
  • Chin covered

Safety Instructions

  • Masks must be worn as recommended for effective filtration. Children should wear masks under parental supervision. Do not exceed the maximum recommended washes. Warning: This product contains latex. Do not use if you have an allergy to latex.