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Diwali Cleaning Tips | Dettol India

Elevate your festive celebrations with expert Diwali cleaning tips for a sparkling home. From quick hacks to the step-by-step process, this article has it all on how to revitalize your personal space and make your Diwali truly special.

Diwali Cleaning Tips for a Radiant Home

Diwali, one of the most anticipated festivals in India, is just around the corner. Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness and is celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour throughout the length and breadth of the country. With twinkling lights adorning the streets and houses and delightful sweets and treats making their way into the tummies, Diwali is the season of celebrations. An essential part of Diwali preparations includes the cleaning and sprucing up of homes to welcome the festival with a new start. This article will explore some helpful Diwali cleaning tips to help you achieve a sparkling home this festive season.

Why Diwali Celebrations and Cleaning go Hand in Hand?

The tradition of Diwali home cleaning is deep-rooted in the belief that the Gods visit only clean, clutter-free and beautifully decorated homes. This, in turn, attracts blessings and prosperity.

How to do Diwali Cleaning

  1. Start Early

It is easy to feel bogged down by loads of Diwali cleaning, especially if left to the last minute. To make the process of Diwali house cleaning stress-free and to ensure every part of the house is covered, it’s best to start early. Preparing a checklist of all the areas that need attention and allocating the tasks to the family members is an excellent way to start. To make the entire process manageable, beginning a couple of weeks in advance will give you enough time to cover each section of the home one at a time.


  1. Declutter

An essential aspect of Diwali cleaning is decluttering your home. This step includes getting rid of items that are broken, unused or just lying around without any purpose. Donate and give away toys, clothes, books, etc., that are still in good condition but not used. Decluttering your living space will make your home look more spacious and cleaner and also give you mental clarity.


  1. Organising the Bedroom

In the bedroom, you can start by organising your wardrobe. First, change the covers or paper on the shelves. Then categorise your clothes according to type like t-shirts, formal shirts, pants casuals etc. Donate the clothing you don’t wear anymore or that don’t fit you. After that, dust and declutter all the surfaces like tables, cabinets etc. Change the bed linen and polish all the furniture in the bedroom. Finally, use Dettol Antiseptic Liquid for laundry, floor and surface disinfection. You can also add festive lights and fresh flowers to make your bedroom look inviting.


  1. Bathroom Cleaning

For a fresh and clean bathroom, you must clean all the surfaces, including tiles, sink, shower area, health faucets, taps, etc. A fantastic hack to clean the grout between the tiles would be to apply a water and vinegar solution and scrub it off with an old toothbrush after 15 minutes. Replace all the old towels and toiletries. Use scented candles or potpourri to keep the bathroom smelling pleasant. A hygienic bathroom is crucial for a heathy home.

  1. Deep Clean the Kitchen

A kitchen is the focal point of any household. A clean kitchen is essential to keep your family healthy, which makes its cleaning a vital part of Diwali deep cleaning. Make sure to clean all the cabinets, shelves and countertops thoroughly with soap and water, followed by a disinfectant like Dettol Disinfectant Spray to kill all germs. Check the expiry dates of food items and spices and dispose of those which have crossed the date. Organise all the kitchenware and keep them in designated places. You can also clean the refrigerator coils and exhaust fans to increase efficiency.

  1. Refresh upholstery and linen

You can use fresh and clean upholstery and linen to uplift the entire appearance of your home. This festive season, make sure to wash all your curtains, sofa covers, cushions covers etc. If pressed for time or the material is too delicate, you can consider sending them for dry cleaning. Over time upholstery and carpets tend to accumulate dust and stains. You can get them professionally shampooed for a new look. Finish off by spraying Dettol Disinfectant Spray which is ideal for disinfection of both hard and soft surfaces.


  1. Polish and Shine

Most metal items get tarnished due to exposure to oxygen. Diwali is a time to make your home sparkle, and polishing various surfaces can make a notable difference. Use metal polish and get your brass and silver items shining like new. Another step to include is polishing wooden furniture and floors to regain the lost lustre.


  1. Focus on the Entrance

 The entrance of your home is the first thing anyone will see hence make sure it leaves a lasting impression. Wash the doormat, paint the door, and add some decorative elements to make your home look inviting. If your entrance has cement flooring, give it a good scrub. A traditional rangoli at the doorstep will make it look festive and infuse positive energy.


  1. Clean the Windows and Grills

Dirty windows and grills can mar a home’s appearance and block the view and natural light. Thus, cleaning windows becomes essential to elevate the look of the house. Start by removing any dust, cobwebs and grime that have accumulated on the panes and sills. After washing the windows with washing liquid and a sponge, a great Diwali cleaning hack is to use well-washed cotton t-shirts to polish the windows and give them a bright shine.


  1. Pay Extra Attention to Lighting

 A beautifully lit house will help create a warm and celebratory atmosphere. So make sure to include cleaning of lampshades, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures to provide maximum illumination. Try to use energy-efficient options like LED lights.


  1. Tackle Outdoor Areas

In the hustle and bustle of cleaning inside the house, you may forget the outdoor areas like balconies and terraces. Sweep, scrub and mop these areas well. Make sure if you have plotted plants, they are pruned and well-maintained. If you have a garden or lawn, remember to trim the grass. Add some colourful planters and beautiful lights to bring in the festive spirit.


  1. Stay Safe

While cleaning your home for Diwali, safety should be your priority. Stay away from flammable materials, check whether electrical connections and sockets are secure, and keep candles and diyas away from curtains.


 Diwali cleaning is not only about cleaning and elevating the appearance of your home. The idea behind this cleaning is to purify your living space and invite positivity and prosperity into your living space. By following these easy Diwali cleaning tips, you can make your home sparkle like the fireworks in the sky

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