Nesting During Pregnancy

nesting during pregnancy

Anyone who has gone through pregnancy knows that nesting instinct is not a myth. It’s real. What else can be inspiration for countless pregnant women to start cleaning their entire house equipped with nothing but a toothbrush, or reposition the furniture three times in the same day…all while carrying a belly of the size of a small planet? It’s an uncontrollable urge most soon-to-be moms feel at some point – the need to make sure that everything is spick and span before the little one is on his/her way.

The active nesting phase also happens to be the perfect time to complete all those last-minute arrangements that will ensure that your baby enters a safe and healthy home. In this article, we have mentioned 3 nesting “must-dos” for moms who have more energy and wondering what to do with it.

1. Shop & Stock

If you needed an excuse to go shopping, this is it. Once baby is born, you’ll unlikely to be in a condition to do any serious shopping, so pre-baby is the perfect time to fill your house with pantry, nursery, and cleaning essentials, which you need to keep your home healthy. Just make sure that you choose family-friendly cleaning products, which does not leave harmful chemical residue, like products that are hydrogen peroxide-based.

2. Deep Clean the Nest

Who says spring cleaning can only be done in spring? Irrespective of the season, you can take benefit from the nesting energy to do a good, pre-baby deep clean-up of your home. Clean the windowsills, scrub the grout, and get done with all those other pesky chores that generally get done only once or twice a year. Because after baby comes, you won’t have any time to do the above mentioned things. To make the process seamless and easy, use an effective multi-purpose cleaner.

3. Make It a Team Effort

Being pregnant gives you the opportunity to delegate work, so use it! You don’t want to do every chore by yourself as your due date draws near. Let your friends, family, or significant other do difficult work like scrubbing the toilet, moving heavy furniture, or organizing those end moment nursery touches. You can save all of that energy and utilize it when the baby arrives…and you really need it.