"Bye-Bye Bacteria” – The bacteria proofing checklist for your baby

It's always a delightful feeling when baby takes a first step – until you get the reality check of all the worries they can walk into whenever they’re on the move. Besides regular baby proofing, it’s also highly essential to ensure your baby is shielded from illness causing bacteria around the home.

Keep in mind these below mentioned helpful steps and add it to your new baby list for an almost germ-free home:

- Keep the hidden corners of your bathroom squeaky clean as it can harbor mold and mildew

- Keep your child away from misty or moist surfaces that houses bacteria, such as damp carpets

- Sanitize table legs, chair legs, and any other furniture that is exposed to the danger of getting chewed

- Be cautious whenever you clean up pet toys – especially those ones that your pet keeps on chewing

- Make sure the litter box is away from the reach of your baby at all times

- Clean and sanitize fabrics occasionally, especially couch cushions and throw blankets

- Cleanse and sterilize plastic toys that generally end up lying on the floor

- Wipe down handles of cupboard/drawer and knobs that are in baby’s reach


Wondering where to start? Try Dettol Multi-Use Wipes, as it provides protection from a varied range of germs. Also, you can use Dettol Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid on a variety of surfaces at home for general disinfection. Please follow label directions


And a final tip we love…

Trick baby by simply keeping a cupboard unlocked that is filled with baby safe items they can “discover.” This will ignite and satiate their impulse to explore, and at the same time you can have some peaceful time. Everybody wins!