Why mothers today have developed a hygiene obsession

hygiene obsession in mother

Every mother knows that she needs to constantly stay aware and alert to the changing times for the safety of her children. Panicked by the increasing number of illnesses, I have turned into the overcautious mom, who is constantly looking out for the first signs of any illness hovering around my children, so that I can nip it in the bud. I’m pretty certain that, just like me, majority of mother’s today have been forced to become this overboard, and a paranoid mother on a mission to protect her children from the big bad world.

Whether it’s about washing hands before eating, or letting the child take the pet out for a walk, as parents, we all end up feeling anxious about our children’s hygiene. This fear has cropped up owing to quite a few serious concerns.

  • Sanitation – You can take all necessary steps to remind your children and ensure that they wash their hands and stay hygienic, but that is only possible when you are at home with them. Once your child is outdoors, all those instructions become futile because outside the hygienic boundaries of your home, he is exposed to many more germs on a daily basis.
    What’s worse is that a lot of the germs today have evolved and have turned into super bugs, which have become more threatening than the germs during our times. So, the germs on the football, bat or even the swings of today are more lethal and resistant than the ones we were exposed to while playing.
  • Food and Water Intake – From eating cheap candies, momos, chaat, rolls and other junk food to drinking water from a food stall, our hands are tied when it comes to figuring out what our child consumes while in school or when he is with his friends. With the news of food adulteration, lead, aspartame, and other chemicals in foods making headlines, a mother’s mind is in constant turmoil fearing that her child will fall prey to stomach-related diseases due to consuming food or liquid from polluted areas. It’s best to make a hard rule about carrying water bottles – be it winters or summers.
  • Contact with Animals – Out of pure concern of hygiene, if you have decided to not keep a pet at home and your child turns ends up having a soft corner towards animals (which obviously, most of them have!), he is sure to pet and play with stray dogs or cats outside. In such a scenario, there’s a substantial risk of your child being exposed to contagious infections. And that’s one of the prime reasons I make sure that my children always wash their hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap before touching anything any objects in the house.
  • Injuries – I think I must’ve warned my children several times regarding their carelessness when they got hurt, and I was later shocked to know about some wounds and bruises I was completely unaware about! Children are scared of telling their parents about injuries that they come across while playing outside or running around in the house, for fear of we taking disciplinary action. As up close and personal they are to injuries all the time, if left undedicated, these injuries can turn into major infections. And no one worries about such god forbidden situation as much as a mother.

As much as we would love to keep our kids safe, the relaxed and ‘hygienic’ indoors will inflict boredom and loneliness in the life of any child whose only form of entertainment will be staring at the computer or the same old board games.
Besides, even we parents have to agree that the sheer joy of stepping out and playing outdoor games or running around carefree with friends cannot be matched. It is only natural, and even healthy, for our children to leap, play, yell and indulge around with friends.
However, health is the bigger priority here, and we must make sure that we cultivate habits like frequent hand washing, and bathing with germ protection soaps etc. In this day and time, I use the all New Dettol Gold Range of soaps and liquid hand washes, which offers 100% better protection than other product in the market.

To take the healthy-habits taught at home outdoors also, I always ensure Dettol Instant Hand-Sanitiser and Dettol Multi-use wipes are kept permanently in the bags of my children. These provide protection from a wide range of germs wherever, whenever and I am assured that my children are outdoor-ready.