Six reasons why children need extra protection in today’s world

children need extra protection

My children often complain that I overreact when it comes to protecting them from germs, however being a mother of two, I know that your child falling sick is always an unpleasant and unfortunate experience for every parent. However, since children are more vulnerable to illnesses, and frequently tend to get stricken by some condition or the other, there is a constant and growing need to keep them protected.

For this, it is imperative to figure out some of the explanations for our children needing extra care in today’s world, and why that should make us a lot more cautious:

  • Immune System in Developing State: While doing research on common ailments for my children, I figured that one of the major frequent factors for the illnesses was an underdeveloped immune system. Simply put, our child’s body is not capable of building up a defense mechanism that can fend off germs and toxicities;
  • More Exposure to Unhygienic Surfaces: We as mothers take best care of our children, but we can’t be omnipresent. Children being children end up playing around in mud and grime, and often give-and-take items with other children, who might not be as hygienic as your children. On a regular basis, kids come in contact with several frequently touched, unhygienic surfaces like bus door handles, footballs, staircase railings etc. and are also wide-open to infections spread from other children.
  • Modern Environmental Hazards: This highly polluted environment is the major reason I am over-cautious about the health of my children as they are endlessly exposed to harmful toxins every day. Nowadays, the air is polluted more than before, water is more contaminated, and the food we consume are more laced with chemicals than ever before.
  • Stronger and More Resistant Germs: I used to be under the illusion that since medical science have accomplished great triumph in averting and governing several diseases, my children are safer growing up in today’s time. However, with changing times, germs too have developed, and have become more impervious. Every day, I hear about new viruses and disease breakouts, which we were completely unheard of some time ago. Our children, in their dynamic state of growth, with an immune system still in developing stage, may not be able to combat such infections as their immune cells are incapable of recognizing, and reacting suitably to such new and tougher germs.
  • Climate Change: Current climate changes, particularly global warming have led to the spread of infectious diseases worldwide. Researches state that specific illnesses such as dengue, malaria etc. grow well in warmer temperature. These conditions is not only a threat to our children, but to us adults as well.
  • Sticking to Traditional Hygiene Routine: This reason might make you want to call me a germophobe mother. Yet, as a parent, I have always been anxious about my children’s health, and have taken every essential steps to keep safeguard them from germs. It’s now become obvious that the outdated hygiene routine is not adequate in today’s germy world. There is an increasing need for a comprehensive hygiene routine that comprises of basic hygiene habits like washing hands and taking bath with antibacterial soaps. Good hygiene is the most important step towards avoiding and fighting illnesses. I make sure that my children follow hygienic habits, wash their hands time-to-time, & take bath only with the Dettol Gold range of antibacterial soaps & hand washes for 100% better protection than any other soap that assures germ protection. I also make sure that my children consume a balanced and nutritious diet that would assist them in building better immunity and strength.