Seek the hidden germ spots in your house

Hidden germ spots

Teaching kids the importance of cleaning need not be always boring. Kids might not understand it completely, but they have a pretty fair understanding of germs. If done the right way, teaching kids to clean themselves and to stay germ-free can lead to a fun bonding time. Let Dettol assist in making cleaning a fun experience so that you can enjoy it as much as your kids.

This is how to make cleaning fun:

  • Begin by making them hear it from somebody else. Kids aren’t that fond of listening, but they are all ears for a good story. Start off with a little storytelling and opt for books that makes them understand why germs are bad and why cleaning is so important. Next, make it look like a time challenge. This is one of the most efficient ways to teach your kids the importance of cleaning and simultaneously making it a fun activity. Your kids might find it difficult to understand pacing, especially the younger ones who are yet to understand how long five minutes is. Use the kitchen timer and assign tasks to your kids to complete before the timer goes off. This will help them understand the importance of time as well as give them the motivation they need to keep the tasks moving.
  • Follow this activity by playing your kids favorite music. Give your child an old apron and let him or her tidy up counters. If you have more than one child, choose a designated leader and let them decide the cleaning path, while the others follow. Switch leaders every now and then.
  • After the cleaning is done, it's finally time to relax. Firstly, head to the sink to wash hands. Teach them how to dry their hands with the help of a paper towel and how to turn the faucet off.

Teaching kids to clean doesn’t always have to be a painful task. Teach them how to make cleaning fun when they are with their friends to keep your kids learning even when they're not at home! The good habits taught at home can stay with your children even when they go out. Dettol Sanitiser and Dettol Multi-Use Wipes provide protection from a wide range of germs wherever, whenever.