How to Clean the baby’Stroller

Once you get a hang of it, you are sure to bring your baby stroller everywhere—and that would mean you picking up a wide variety of germs on your way. Sippy cups leaks, rogue bread crumbs and accidents from potty training are all common problems your stroller would eventually face – let us guide you on how to clean a stroller.

Use below mentioned tips and rest assured every time your child rests in it knowing that he's shielded from bacteria and germs.

  • Read the owner's manual, in case you lost it, refer to the manufacturer's website for any model-specific care guidelines. These will also educate you about how to dismantle certain parts of the stroller, which would help you clean deeper.
  • Clear all the loose dirt and crumbs – using an attachment on your vacuum cleaner is the most efficient way to do it.
  • Always make use of water and mild soap to spotlessly clean the fabric of the stroller's basket. If your stroller cover or fabric can be dismantled, rinse or soak it in cool water, dedicatedly scrubbing away stains if any.
  • Once the fabric has dried, make sure you follow it up with Dettol Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid. It is always extra effective to wash down hard parts of the stroller with a Dettol Multi-Use Wipes (or, if there are a lot of parts, you can use our Dettol Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid to clean every part. The parts include handles. Never forget the wheels of the stroller, as they pick up a lot of dirt. If your stroller has tires, occasionally pump air into them for improved movement. If the wheels aren’t steering smoothly, lubricate it occasionally.
  • Make sure you park your stroller in a cool, dry place to avoid it from getting rusty, musty or mildewed.

Now that you know a lot more about how to clean a stroller, you can use it efficiently for years to come. Be sure to lookout for important stroller information and recalls and as you do it, keep strolling with your baby and enjoy their childhood with them.