How to Clean the Baby's Cot Mattress Cot

If you look at the amount of time your child spends sleeping, you realize his sleep environment is almost his only home. So, we don’t have to stress much on the importance of keeping the cot mattress clean if you wish to keep your child away from illnesses.

In this article, we have gathered some tips that will show you how to maintain the mattress kept in the baby’s cot protecting it from bacteria and germs and thus ensuring complete safety even when your baby is sleeping Start with removing the cover of cot mattress or any other bedding. These can usually be put to wash safely with detergent.

  • Now you have the mattress with you, check for an instruction label on the mattress or go to the manufacturer's site. This way you will be able to figure out whether it's acceptable to use cold/hot water or mild detergents while washing. .
  • Next, vacuum the cot mattress and get rid of dust or dirt. Always remember to vacuum the sides, bottom, and crevices if any.
  • For extra protection, scrub the mattress with warm water and a mild detergent. Always be sure to wipe the detergent from the cot mattress and ensure that no residue is left behind.
  • Dettol Hygiene Liquid can be used to wipe the surface of the mattress,You can use this to wipe the outer surface of the cot frequently. It provides expert protection against more than 100 illness-causing germs and can be used on many surfaces in your home for general disinfection, always use as directed on the label.
  • Before putting it back on the cot, ensure the mattress is completely dry because bacteria and mould thrive in dampness. You can press the dry towels into the surface, which will help in wicking away moisture, then hang the cot mattress to air-dry in the sun for a few hours.. The outside of the cot should also be cleaned frequently for dust and germs. The corners can be reached with a vacuum cleaner and for final touches use Dettol Hygiene Liquid and Dettol Multi use wipes.

Last but not the least, make your baby's bed with bedding that snugly fits the cot mattress. Remove all extra blankets and stuffed animals before you put your child to bed. Both you and your baby can rest assured now knowing that you have a clean cot mattress!