Healthy & Hygienic Feeding

A practical guide to feeding hygiene to keep your little one healthy

healthy hygienic feeding

Balanced nutrition is of paramount importance when it comes to the development of children, both mental and physical. However, while ensuring that your child’s dietary needs are met, one must also be cautious when it comes to following healthy feeding practices.

Since children build up a resistance to common diseases and ailments over the years, their immune system is not capable of warding off infections in their early years.

While we can’t help you make feeding times with your young one any easier, we can help you make them healthier and happier with the following tips!

  1. The first and foremost is to instil in them the golden habit of washing hands. It helps you and your little one in keeping annoying stomach bugs at bay
  2. If your young one is being bottle fed, it is imperative that it’s always clean and grease-free. It is essential for you to keep the bottle sterilised for the first 12 months at the very least. If your baby likes formula milk, do ensure that the water you use is pre-boiled to rid it of contaminants and germs
  3. Once the baby has transitioned to solid foods, it is extremely important for you to ensure that the food is cooked properly and in a hygienic environment.

To improve food hygiene:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food to avoid risk of contamination
  • Keep kitchen surfaces spotless and disinfected with Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel. Wipe the surfaces clean with a soft, dry cloth
  • Always use a clean cloth or sponge. However, washcloths can hide harmful bacteria. So always make it a point to either soak them in a disinfectant or wash at over 60°C to kill bacteria. Otherwise, you could be transmitting thousands of germs all across the kitchen!
  • The chair on which your little one sits during meals is often a hotspot for bacterial growth. This is because while feeding, crumbs of food tend to fall everywhere. Hence, it is essential to keep these spots hygienic and clean. Dettol Antiseptic Liquid kills 99.9% of germs and is ideal for use when it comes to keeping your child’s high chair clean. Dilute in water and wipe the chair down with a wash cloth. In case water is not readily available, use a wet-wipe to disinfect the chair.

Please consult your doctor for your baby care. Tips provided here are of general nature related to routine hygiene only.