Be mindful of these 4 outdoor surfaces your child probably touches often

KIDS hygiene

All of us commute through public places on a daily basis, and we are completely informed about the health hazards such places pose because of the number of random people we come in contact with. Naturally, we try and safeguard our children from such surfaces as much as we can in order to keep them away from germs and illnesses. However, according to a recent study, there are other several surfaces that your child comes in contact with often, which are home to a wide variety of germs. I was rather shocked after learning this and have decided to become more careful, and alert ever since!

  • Staircase/ Escalator Railing: Most schools and residential areas, mall, metro stations and theatres have escalators and staircases. Children end up touching or holding railings of these staircases and escalators while going up and down. But, are you aware that on an average, these railings breed approximately 60, 000 germs that your child directly comes in contact with.
  • Cafeteria Stall: Like me, even you should stop your child from eating street food or junk from outside. However, children find a way to convince you or sneak out and indulge in some street food every now and then with their pocket money. Not only such food harm your kid’s health, it may also be unsafe from a hygiene point of view. Hence it is important to educate your kids about the ill-effects of roadside food.
  • Bus Stop: Does your child go to the bus stop to catch the school bus? If the answer is yes, then you would be startled to know that your kid comes in close contact with nearly 3,400, 000 germs. Moreover, pollution from buses & other vehicles on the road, loose dust particles and other allergens in the environment pose as an additional threat to the health of your child.
  • Swing in a public park: Children love playing on the swings, and as soon as the clock strikes five, you can see hordes of children rushing towards the park. However, did you know that a general swing breeds up to 90, 000 germs. Nobody takes any effort to wipe them clean, let alone disinfect these areas.

Children being children would go to such places and sometimes you won’t be able to do much about it. What you can do is ensure that your child washes his/her hands with the Dettol Gold Liquid hand wash as soon as he comes home. Dettol Liquid hand wash offers 100% better germ protection than any other liquid soaps. You can also teach them to use the Dettol hand sanitizer so that they can protect themselves when they are on the go.