5 surfaces at school that could cause a health concern for your child

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Every mother is concerned about her child, and wants to ensure that he or she stays safe and away from harm. However, we all know that children will be children, and no matter how hard you try to protect them, they will find a way to expose themselves to germs, dust and other such dangers in the environment. What’s worse is that over time, germs don’t just multiply but also become stronger & more resistant.

You may think you are protecting your children by ensuring that they don’t eat too much outside food, and don’t touch too many public surfaces etc. But what of the germy surfaces in your child’s school - a place where you aren’t around to protect, and supervise your little one? According to a recent study, here are some of the surfaces you & your child need to especially aware of:

  • Door Handles: An average door handle houses up to 710 germs on it. Think of it, a door handle is a surface that everyone in school touches several times a day. Bacteria are known to survive on surfaces for a very long time, making it unavoidable for your child to pick up germs from here.
  • Classroom Benches: A classroom bench has about 2,700,000 germs sitting on them. With so many children in one place, and sharing stationery, food & other things among themselves, it's no wonder that the classroom can be a breeding ground for germs that cause colds and the flu. While floors are mopped and cleaned on a daily basis, do you wonder whether the benches and desks at school are disinfected as often, if at all?
  • School Bus Seat & Window: Studies have shown bus seats, and windows to have approximately 3,980,000 germs at any given time. Think of the dust, pollution, and germs that keep accumulating on these surfaces over time, which your child is picking up every day on his or her way to and from school. What’s worse is that no one is even cleaning these places regularly, let alone disinfecting them
  • School Bag: On average, a child’s school bag has about 125,000 germs. Forget external surfaces and things others may come in contact with, your child’s very own school bag is a breeding ground for germs. It carries the lunch box which leaks every now and then, the bag is kept on the floor both in class, and in the bus. And as a result the bag brings with it all the accumulated germs on your child’s back, every day!
  • Football: A football is an obvious home for germs, and dust but did you know that a football that’s freshly been played with has 1,540,000 germs on it! And to think that children first kick this ball around in dust & grime, and then carry it home only to take it out to play again the next day.

These thoughts might sound a little alarming, but does that mean preventing your child from touching such surfaces is the solution? No. It’s not possible to stop children from touching or coming in contact with such germ spots because this is their age to play and be carefree. Putting such restrictions would essentially mean stealing their childhood. But, we can prevent these germs from spreading, and harming our children by ensuring our children wash their hands and bathe with the all new range from Dettol – Dettol Gold that gives 100% better protection than leading germ protection soaps.