4 'Germ Hotspots' in your home, which you never imagined could affect your child’s health

germs hotspot at home

All of us are careful to avoid touching objects, and surfaces outside our homes as far as possible. And even if we do touch any or come in contact with any of them, we make it a point to thoroughly wash our hands to avoid germ transfer. However, did you know that there are several common objects and surfaces inside your home that are breeding grounds for germs and hence are a potential health threats to your children? According to a recent study, some of the common germ hotspots in your house are the ones you touch the most!

  • TV Remote: On average, a TV remote contains approximately 50,000 germs. Everyone knows that a remote is an object that changes hands often but did you realize that every time you pass on the remote, you pass on germs as well? And your children are affected to by this. Think about it, do you ever make your children wash their hands after touching the remote?
  • Mobile Phone: Mobile phones are a hub for germs, and can be home to as many as 1700 germs. A device that is with you almost all the time, and everywhere carries many germs on its surface at any given point of time. You hold your phone in your hand, hold it to your ears (sometimes for hours), some even carry it to the bathrooms. Moreover once you are home, your children more often than not play with your phone! Think about it, when was the last time you sanitized your phone?
  • Laptop Keyboard: Most of us work on laptops today – be it just at work or at home or both. But did you know that your laptop had nearly 2,300,000 unseen germs on it? Laptop carry germs to and from your office and home, and are often used by your children for many reasons. Imagine the number of germs your child is coming in contact with.
  • Couch Arm: Remember that sofa you’ve had in your living room for years? Well these too according to the study, contain about 320,000 germs, which have accumulated over a period of time. And mind you, merely dusting or washing the covers might reduce the germs but certainly won’t kill them, and keep your children protected.

We all know these objects are too far embedded in our daily life routine and we can’t stop using them. However, the threat they pose to our children’s health is a serious one and hence, we should make it a point to keep these surfaces clean and hygienic. Use either a cleaning spirit or an antiseptic product, depending on the kind of surface to deal with these germs. More importantly, wash your hands and ensure that your children wash theirs with the New Dettol Gold Liquid hand wash after touching these surfaces, before and after meals etc. to enjoy 100% better protection from germs & infections vs. other germ protection liquid soaps.