For Dettol every day is Mother’s Day

Dettol salutes the indomitable spirit of motherhood and every mother’s mission to ensure the good health and safety of her loved ones.

There is nobody quite like a mother – strong, comforting, resilient, and a multitasking warrior – as a mom you play so many roles at the same time. Protecting your children, keeping them healthy, making the world safe for them is something that comes naturally to you.

Ever since your children were born, you knew you had to see them smiling and healthy always. Their every cut and scrape sent a dagger through your heart, their every tear saddened you to no end. And seeing them grow up healthy, happy and strong is your biggest wish as a parent.

At Dettol, we’ve come to understand mothers and they’ve trusted us for generations to keep their homes germ free and their children protected from illness. We share your concerns for the wellbeing and good health of your child, and we are honoured to be a partner in your journey towards ensuring your family’s continued happiness. Everything you touch in your home sparkles with health and hygiene, and we are pleased to offer support every time you need to fight disease-causing germs, dust and dirt in your home.

As a responsible parent, you know how best how to keep your home clean and your family happy and healthy. A lot of your responsibilities as the primary caregiver centre around preparing meals, managing the laundry, maintaining home hygiene and caring for the entire family’s wellbeing.

At Dettol we understand that this job needs to be done super quick and with utmost care. So we’re here to assist you – our personal and home hygiene products take care of many eventualities at once, so you can be 100% sure that the house and family is protected.

Dettol champions your mission to be the best mother you can possibly be!

Happy Mother’s Day.