Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel - Lime Splash

Kills 100X more germs*

Product Features

  • Recommended by Indian Medical Association
  • *compared to ordinary dish-wash liquid based on lab test
  • Dermatologically tested

Available In: 130ml refill, 200ml, 400ml and 750ml refill

Product Description

Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel's concentrated formula has been developed to effectively cut through tough grease, while still offering Dettol's trusted germ protection.

Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel protects you and your family from 100 illness causing germs*, and leaves your utensils not just visibly clean but also hygienically clean. This ensures that the healthy food you cook is also served healthy.

For tough grease and germ kill, apply the product onto a wet scrub/sponge, and use directly on the utensil.

For regular cleaning, dilute a teaspoonful in a bowl of water. Then, dip the scrub/sponge in the solution and use.

Do not ingest. Keep away from children. Use only on non-porous surfaces.