Dettol & Moms

“Dettol & Moms

Your trusted Dettol offers a new range of Dettol & Moms range. It is made by ingredients approved by moms, because moms know what is best for their family.

This new range is free from parabens, harsh chemical residues^, artificial dyes and talc - it is infused with fragrances such as Tulsi, Jasmine, Citrus and Sandal. All this with Dettol’s trusted protection that protects from 100 illness-causing germs* and 99.99% protection from germs including bacteria and virus.#”

Disclaimer: * As per vitro anti-microbal activity of the tested formula against 100-illness causing germ strains
#As per standard testing protocol. When tested in vitro on indicator bacteria and viruses
 Residues that can irritate or sensitize skin, as shown through chemical testing.