Why is your skin in distress?

Lack of personal hygiene, stress and pollution can cause your skin to break out or become dull. Use our tips to restore your skin’s natural health.

Life does not go easy on the skin, does it? Daily stresses, high amounts of pollution and an overall lack of hygiene combine to take a toll on the skin. One ages faster and finds the skin becoming oily and dull. Often, the solution lies in maintaining a high level of personal hygiene and leading a healthy life.

But you may still not know where to begin your skin care regimen from.

Consider the following skin care tips:

Cleanse your skin every day. Like most women that follow a daily cleansing-toning-moisturising routine, most men must also follow suit. Use a cleanser on the skin to remove trapped oil and dirt, and to slough off dead skin cells. Besides this, the rest of the body must be given a brisk dry rubbing just before the shower to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin. It is a good idea to exfoliate the skin once a week using a loofah or body brush.

Bathe using antibacterial cleansers. The body soap you use may cause dryness and worse, infection. We tend to think of soaps as clean entities – but the truth is that soaps take on the dirt and grime from your skin. The next time you use your soap, the contaminated top surface comes in contact with your skin again. It is better to switch to Dettol bar soaps for your shower. You can also introduce few drops of Dettol Antiseptic liquid in a bucket full of warm water to keep 99.9% of germs at bay.

Discard old skin care products. Check for expiration dates on skin care products and throw away anything that is even a day older than it should be. In fact, throw away any make-up or skin care product that has gathered dust. An old product will have lost its efficacy and worse, gotten contaminated as well.

Make sure your bedding is clean. How’s this for a good skin care tip: Make your bed! The biggest (hidden) source of skin infection is your bedding. Not changing the sheets for weeks, resting your head on the same pillowcase for days on end can make your bed really dirty. All your sweat and dead skin keeps accumulating on the bed surfaces and transferring to different parts of your body. If you have an acne problem, place a clean towel on your pillow case every night before sleeping. Make sure your bedding is changed and washed every week. Use Dettol Multi-Use hygiene liquid to wash your bedding as it is extremely effective in killing off germs.

Wash your food thoroughly before you eat it. What you put inside your body has a bearing on how your skin and hair turn out. The first step towards a healthy diet is in eating fresh produce that has been thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust and surface bacteria. Run your fruit, vegetables and meat under a running jet of water for a few minutes. Drain the water completely before you start chopping the food items. If need be, you can soak the washed vegetables and meat in a salt solution for half an hour to kill germs and bacteria.