How to Take Care of Your Hygiene while Indulging in Outdoor Activities

hygine when outdoor

Whenever you go camping or bag packing, one of the major concern that disturbs your peace is “Hygiene”. How well managed the camping facility might be, keeping yourself clean is always a struggle. Without the modern amenities, we instantly feel paralyzed around a lot of bacteria and dirt. However, by taking simple steps and carrying few items, you can make sure that your hygiene is A-OK while indulging in outdoor activities.

  • Mop yourself

It is a mutually agreed fact that it takes more than a daily bath to keep bacteria and dirt away. However, when you are outdoors, you see yourself covered in filth without any access to water. The problem can be partially solved with a bag of cotton balls and little hydrogen peroxide. You can just wet the cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide and mop yourself on areas where there are high bacteria growth like face, armpits, feet, & groin.

  • Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of the most essential product that should always be in your bag while leaving for an outdoor adventure. You can choose Dettol Hand Sanitizer that can kill 99.9% of germs which will ensure hand hygiene on the go. Make sure to use it before eating in case you have indulged in activities like trekking or if you have used public transport to reach a desired location.

  • Don’t wear used clothes

As tempting as it might sound to pack light, be sure to have enough pair for everyday of the outing. It can be a painful experience lot of clothes, but wearing fresh clothes in the morning would help keep bacteria and germs at bay. If it not too much to ask, at least get extra pair of socks and underwear.

So, we have helped you with techniques that will help you in keeping your hygiene intact while you be a globe trotter. You just make sure to follow all the above mentioned tips and you will be good to go.

  • Carrying antibacterial wipes isn’t just a gentle cautionary measure; it is necessary

Yes, it is not some false sense of security. Some microbial bacteria are more adamant and resistant than others, and while you are on the move, you aren’t going to carry a faucet supplying hot water around. Your hands, the primary entry point to most infections, are grimier than you think, and you unthinkingly are the carrier of most germs. Anti-bacterial wipes help you kill 99.99% of bacteria. Best nip things in the bud, then, no?