Coughing in Classroom

coughing in clasroom

Spending an entire day with young children increase your chances of exposing yourself to lot of germs. It is difficult for kids to learn when they keep missing school and it is equally difficult for them to learn if their teacher misses school too. Below mentioned are some tips that you can use in your classroom to control cough among kids during cold and flu season. It might be difficult to implement all these rules all the time, especially when you are busy teaching, however keeping an eye on sniffing and coughing kids can help the whole class in staying healthy every year.

  • Keep an eye on kids coughing and sniffling: look out for other symptoms, like a flush from a fever or if you see that they have trouble breathing. In case of emergency, send the child to a school nurse so that they don’t end up spreading their germs to others
  • Establish and impose a Cover Up rule: kids who are coughing need to cultivate the habit of covering their nose and mouth every time they cough
  • Similarly, establish and impose a Wash Up rule: Kids who cough into their hands should immediately wash their hands. This would only be possible if you have a sink in your classroom, but it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs in the classroom. Make sure that the kids wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with Dettol Original Liquid Hand Wash

Keep an eye on sniffling kids: If you see them wiping their nose on their hands or sleeve, ensure that they wash their hands and ask for some tissues to be delivered at their desk. If you get hold of a small plastic bag, hang it from their desk or chair and ask them to dump used tissues whenever they are done with it. This way you can toss the bag in the dustbin at the end of the day.