Seek the hidden germ spots in your house

Seek the hidden germ spots in your house

Germs have mastered the art of hiding in your house. There are a wide variety of small places for germs to make their base—and you will be amazed by knowing just how germs can target your everyday items.

Below mentioned tips will assist you in exposing those little germ hideouts which will surely make a positive impact on your family’s health.

Clean your kitchen sponge

Undoubtedly, the highly resourceful kitchen sponge is the item that is the most swarmed with germs in your house. Some of the effective techniques for cleaning sponges include dipping them in lemon juice, bleach, or vinegar, and rinsing them thoroughly. However, there’s a better, and even faster device that effectively kills more germs on sponges: Your microwave.

Researchers have found that the most efficient way to eradicate germs from sponges is by wetting them and then keeping them inside a microwave on high for two minutes. Preferably, you should soak and clean your sponge every day, and replace it with a new one at least every two weeks.

The haunting kitchen cutting board

After knowing this scary statistic, you might want to think twice before using your cutting board again. A germ expert discovered that the average cutting board has 200 times more fecal bacteria than the toilet.*

Before you take a harsh decision of abandoning your cutting board, we are going to tell you how to keep it clean. You can use a simple disinfecting cleaner, like Dettol Healthy Kitchen Gel. You can rinse it under running water, or use the microwave trick and warm it up for 30 seconds.

Shedding light on switches, handles, and knobs

You would lose count if you try to figure out how many times during a day someone in your family turns the light on and off, open and close the door, or take something out from the fridge or cabinet? When you associate that with the fact your hands are the second most germ affected part of your body (second only to your mouth), you get a lot of small places with extreme germ concentrations that never really crosses our mind.

There’s a simple solution. Gently clean these germs affected areas with some Dettol Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid, which will immediately help reduce germs eventually keeping everyone healthier.

The enemy in your electronics

Certain people are still aware of the germs that stick to doorknobs and light switches. However, many people forget about the germs that lurk in remote controls, computer keyboards, and most importantly, your mobile phones.

The silver lining is that getting rid of these germs from your home is just as easy as scrubbing your knobs and switches. Simply clean the surfaces of remotes, keyboards, and cell phones with some Dettol Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid, and you can type and talk carefree.

With efficient investigation, you can bring out the sneakiest of germs from their hiding spots and keep your home safe and healthy.

The one inside the dirty laundry

Wet laundry that is left unattended in a washing machine even for a short amount of time is like a wonderland for germs. Make sure you transfer clean clothes immediately to the dryer once they are done washing or opt for a fully automatic washing machine. If you accidentally let it sit out for more than 30 minutes, run them through the cycle again.

Shield your toothbrush

I don’t think we need to stress on why toothbrush would attract germs and why is it extremely necessary to keep it hygienic. However, we can always tell you how to keep the toothbrush away from the ambush of germs.

Always store the toothbrush at the opposite end of the bathroom far from the toilet and in an upright position. This will help in draining the water off from the bristles. Always remember not to keep a wet toothbrush in a closed case. Take extra care to make sure that the bristles from the brushes of other family members never touch each other. If you are the paranoid one, then you can consider dipping the bristles inside an antimicrobial mouthwash. A simple dip can help you get rid of germs.