Home Cleaning Tips: Germy things that you forget to clean

While a speck of dust or dirt cannot escape a sprinkle of the disinfectant spray on the bathroom floor or kitchen countertop, many household objects do. Often, your daily clean-up routine includes spaces that easily meet the eye. But, until you clean and sanitize some common objects, the house is not thoroughly cleaned. Hence, to ensure a good, healthy, and safe environment to nurture your family, here are some of the objects that you should include in your cleaning list.

Kitchen drawer handles:

You tend to touch the drawer handles now and then, and yet they are rarely cleaned with a disinfectant liquid. Many times, the cause of germs breeding in the kitchen is these untreated handles. Deep scrub your kitchen at least once in a week. While you are that, clean the kitchen drawer handles with a clean cloth and hot water diluted with a disinfectant liquid. You can also make a cleaning solution at home with 1 part of hot water and 1 part of vinegar. Apply this solution on the handles and leave it for 5 minutes. Then, clean it off with a cotton cloth or kitchen towels.

Dining mats or Placemats:

We all know that placemats are fantastic when it comes to keeping your wooden tables from food and drink stains. However, these mats can get dirt in a matter of days. If you have vinyl mats, a disinfectant spray will do the needful. However, the fabric mats need to be treated with hot water and disinfectant liquid. Soak them for half an hour and wash them off in the laundry machine. If you have placemats that feature embroidery, then it is best to hand wash them. Clean these mats once in 7-8 days.

Reusable shopping bags:

The thought of including the cleaning of reusable shopping bags doesn’t even cross our mind until there are evident stains all over it. But, over a period of time, these bags start giving off foul smell and become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and moulds. Soak the reusable shopping bags in hot water diluted with a disinfectant liquid and wash them in a laundry machine.

Freezer trays:

Who would have thought that ice cube or freezer trays can be a bacteria breeding ground? Well, they are. Undeniably. Hence cleaning the trays with a disinfectant sprays every now and then can be a smart way to keep the germs at bay in your refrigerator. You can also wash these trays in your dishwasher.

Kitchen faucet:

While the faucet sieve can hide the dirt accumulated in the faucets, the fact remains that they are a breeding ground for germs and moulds. Scrub the handles and faucets daily with an antiseptic liquid and warm water. If there are stuck-on stains or watermarks on the taps then, leave the antiseptic and lukewarm water solution on it for 5 minutes before you scrub and wash it off.

Kitchen sponge and scrub brush:

Another neglected household object is the kitchen sponge and scrub brush. While they do help to clean your dishes, kitchen sponge and scrub brush need cleaning too. Perhaps disinfecting them between uses or cleaning them every night, is an excellent way to avoid germs and bacteria in the kitchen. You can even soak them overnight in warm water diluted antiseptic or disinfectant liquid and wash them off in the morning.

We hope the next time you clean your home, you will not miss these spots. Also, amidst keeping your home clean, do not forget to use a hand sanitizer to keep yourself germ-free.