Home Hygiene Hotspots

A happy home is a healthy home. And a healthy home is one that practices good hygiene. What that essentially means is to do all you can to prevent your home environment from becoming a breeding ground for disease causing germs.

Some bacteria can survive on surfaces for up to 24 hours. If these proliferate on surfaces that you frequently come in contact with, then they can be a real hazard to your health. Obviously, one can’t kill every germ in your home but regularly cleaning and disinfecting these high risk areas (we call them ‘germ hotspots’) will help protect you and your family from picking up or spreading potential illnesses caused by bacteria. The germ hotspots include:

In the kitchen:

  • Kitchen sink and taps
  • Washcloths and sponges
  • Kitchen counters and cutting boards
  • Cabinets and interiors of the fridge, door handles, knobs and switches
  • Spots frequented by pets or animals.
  • Trash bucket

In the bathroom:

  • Toilet seat, cistern and flush handle
  • Sink, shower and bathroom taps
  • Damp corners where mould and mildew can grow

In the nursery:

  • Changing mat and surrounding surfaces
  • Floor (if you have crawling toddlers) and play pen
  • Children’s toys

In the living room and bedroom:

  • TV remote control
  • Telephone handset
  • Light switches, fan blades and other fixtures

Dettol products will keep your worries at bay when included in your cleaning routine as they ensure otherwise germ-infested hotspots in your home are spotless, clean and disease free.