Do You Really Know How to Clean a Kitchen?

how to clean kitchen

Keeping the kitchen spick and span can sometimes be a tricky task. However, once you learn how to keep a kitchen spotless, you will be able to easily maintain it. Below mentioned are some really helpful tips that would help you in keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic.


It’s a mutually agreed fact that kitchens breed more germs than any other room in the house. Cleaning the kitchen surfaces is one of the important key to keeping your entire home clean

  • From top to bottom, clean kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner like Dettol Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel
  • ensure you wipe the outside of the garbage can from up to down. Make sure you take out the trash regularly and replace the liner.
  • Clean cabinet doors, counters, and walls with a cleaning cloth. Clean it with maximum efficiency as grease and grime end up building easily on such surfaces.
  • Use an old toothbrush to clean the crevices around the sink and the faucet
  • Use hot water to flush drains once in a week.
  • Ensure the Handle and door of the Dishwasher are wiped clean
  • Make sure you sweep every night. This would help in preventing the build-up of grime and dust.

Large Appliances

  • Always clean the stove with a degreasing cleaner. For a thorough cleaning, take out the burners and clean it separately with soap and water.
  • Remove control knobs of the stove and wash them separately.
  • Dispose all expired food from the refrigerator
  • With the help of a gentle cleaner, wipe the insides of the fridge and scrub off any sticky spills

Small Appliances

Indians experience foodborne illness on a regular basis, and small appliances can be considered as one of the germiest items that you can have in your kitchen. Let’s just assume we all know that cleaning the kitchen means cleaning these overlooked areas.

  • Once in a week empty the crumbs that is left inside containers. Tilt it upside down into the trash and clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Clean the exterior area of the microwave with a wet cloth, and clean the interior with warm, soapy water.
  • Clean the outside of the coffeemaker with a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Rinse the interior of the coffeemaker with a two-cup, half white vinegar and half water solution.

Habit Change

When it comes to cooking, the earlier the Healthy Kitchen habits are adopted, the better

  • Habit 1 Tip 1 – Always wash your hands with Dettol soap before cooking
  • Habit 2 Tip 2 – Wash the utensils with Dettol kitchen gel after cooking

Knowing how to clean a kitchen is like winning half the battle. With the help of the above mentioned tips, you'll be able to seamlessly keep your home healthy.