How to deep clean your bathroom: A step by step guide

Bathrooms are easily one of the most-used places in a house. We use our bathrooms the most- from washing our hands and feet to taking a bath - it is the place where we clean ourselves or freshen up at different times in a day. However, the bathroom is also one of the dirtiest places in a house. Courtesy of all the water, steam, grime, dirt and soap lather accumulating in corners, crevices and other areas, the bathroom is the perfect home for bacteria, germs, fungi and bad odour. Hence deep cleaning your bathroom should feature on the top of your weekly to-do list. All you’ll need is - a good disinfectant, detergent, a couple of brushes and some cloth - and you’ll be good to go.

We give you a step-by-step guide on how you can make your bathroom sparkling clean and germ-free in no time.

  •  Start with the doors and windows

  1. Open the windows to let in the fresh air. If your windows have panes, wipe them with a damp cloth or a water spray to clean all the dirt and grime.
  2. If your bathroom has sliding windows, scrub the sliding grooves with a toothbrush, to remove the dirt and dust accumulated in there.
  3. If you have glass flaps for windows, then carefully remove the flaps. Wash them in running water and wipe them with a cloth.
  4. Once done, you can wash the window with water. Use a disinfectant spray to give the windows a wipe-down to kill the germs.
  •  Wipe down the mirrors and shelves

  1. Spray your mirrors with water or a mixture of soap and water.
  2. Wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving a trail of lint or streaks on them.
  3. Dust the shelves and cabinets to clean the dust accumulated on them. You can then spray water or wipe them with a damp cloth.
  4. You can also use a disinfectant spray made by mixing a disinfecting liquid like Dettol in water to get rid of the germs accumulated in the corners and crevices.
  •  Give your shower and faucets a cleanse 

  1. Next comes one of the most-used equipment in the bathroom- the shower, the jet spray and the taps. There is a soap scum that accumulates on the shower and the tap heads.
  2. Apart from clogging the pores, the heads become a fertile place for bacteria that can cause pulmonary diseases. Hence, it is important to clean these.
  3. Cleaning these is very simple. Take white vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around the shower or the tap head, such that it is submerged in the vinegar. Leave it soaked overnight.
  4. In the morning, remove the bag, and let water out to rinse all the accumulated soap scum.
  5. Next, clean the head with a disinfecting liquid like Dettol to get rid of the remnant bacteria and germs.
  •  Take your curtains and liners for a spin

  1. If your bathroom has shower curtains or liners, wash them. Spin them in the washing machine with your regular detergent.
  2. Add a small amount of disinfecting liquid to the water to kill the germs and the bacteria on the curtains.
  3. Once done, hang them to dry in the sun. Make sure that your dryer is not set to hot, otherwise, you will end up damaging the curtains
  •  Clean the toilets

  1. Cleaning the toilet is perhaps the most vital yet easiest part of deep cleaning your bathroom. The process is the same for both, the western and Indian toilets.
  2. Use a toilet cleaner that is available in the market or go for a regular bleach if the toilet is too dirty. Apply the cleaner or the bleach in all the areas of the bowl. Make sure that you apply it on the hard-to-reach corners as well.
  3. The toilet-cleaning liquid bottles have specialised nozzles for this. If you are using bleach, you can pour it on your toilet brush and then apply in these areas. Let it stand for some time. Then brush using the toilet brush and flush or pour water.
  4. Next, clean the bowl with a disinfecting liquid to kill any germ or bacteria. Remember to close the lid and flush. After cleaning the toilet, make sure to clean the toilet brush as well.
  •  Do not forget the floors and the baseboards

  1. When washing yourselves, the dirt and grime accumulate between the baseboards or the tiles, and other crevices. It is important to clean these.
  2. Clean the floors and the baseboards with a floor cleaner, or a mild bleach solution if the floor is too dirty. You can use a brush for this purpose.
  3. Next comes the disinfecting part. Use an effective disinfecting liquid to rid the floor of germs and bacteria. 
  •  Finish with your bathroom sink

  1. The sink is probably the dirtiest place in your bathroom, even dirtier than your toilet seat! Leave the sink for the end as you would be washing and cleaning the clothes and brushes in the sink after cleaning some of the other areas.
  2. There are many places you need to pay attention to when cleaning the sink- the sinkhole, the faucet, the countertop, the soap holder, and also the corners and crevices.
  3. Wash the sink with a soap and water mixture. Use a toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas. Finish the cleaning with a disinfecting liquid.
  •  Aren’t you forgetting something?

  1. When cleaning the toilet, the water might splash on your hands and feet; hence it is essential to clean them too.
  2. Once you are done cleaning, you should wash your hands and feet with soap and water or an antiseptic liquid or an antibacterial soap.
  3. Also, keep a hand sanitiser with you to clean your hands in the middle of the cleaning process.