School Programme

Teaching school children healthy habits and correct hand washing techniques.

All children love to get their hands messy. When you’re around, you can keep a protective watch over them and make sure their hands are cleaned after they use the toilet or before they eat. But when they’re at school? How do you know those good habits you’re setting are being followed?

School can be a place where germs are easily transmitted, as you have many children coming into contact with one another. It only takes one child who doesn’t follow those good habits to potentially spread infection to many.

Sadly in India 1 lakh children die annually from preventable illnesses such as diarrhoea and some of those deaths could have been halted through the very simple act of hand washing with soap.

Dettol invests in many educational programmes around the world teaching young school age children about healthy hygiene habits. We make our programmes fun, engaging and interactive for the children.

Behaviour change begins early and we aim to create a healthy happy world. At Dettol we passionately believe in the power of hygiene education, it goes to the very core of who we are, because it helps protect children from illness and promote better health for all the family.