Disaster Relief

Extreme weather and other events can sometimes devastate entire communities and they bring new challenges to those communities around staying healthy when disaster strikes.

These include flood waters, contamination by sewage and water damage, to name but a few. All of these issues provide a haven for bacteria and other germs and sometimes you don’t even have clean water for basic needs.

At Dettol, we are committed to helping when people need it the most and often that’s when a disaster strikes. Here are a few examples:

  • Children’s Emergency Fund: Dettol, and our parent company RB, partners with Save The Children globally, to provide support to children in times of disaster worldwide. In 2007, the Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF) was established to provide a rapid on-the-ground response to any disaster.
  • Disaster relief efforts: Where disaster strikes, Dettol responds with donations of free products and sometimes monetary donations to disaster relief efforts. In an effort to support the families hit by the recent floods in Uttarakhand, we joined hands with Save the Children to further support the ongoing relief and rehabilitation efforts in the region. The personal health care product range from Dettol has been an integral part of millions of households in the country for maintaining strong hygiene levels for decades. In the wake of the recent disaster in Uttarakhand, in partnership with Save the Children we stepped forward to help the homeless victims by providing 50,000 packs of products such as Dettol Antiseptic Liquid and Dettol Soap