Dettol Air Protect Mask

4 in 1 protection from air pollution; protects from PM 2.5, bacteria, dust, and pollen

Ideal for bike riders and commuters who face the city pollution every day. There is more than just dust and PM 2.5 in the air. Air pollution is a serious hazard for the urban Indian citizen where they face pollution from vehicles, factories and homes, as well as dust from construction. Air pollution can potentially cause some dangerous allergies including coughing, rhinitis, asthma, etc. Whether you’re going to office on a bike or are just out and about, air pollution always poses a serious threat to your health.

Carry the air mask in the carrying pouch to keep it clean
Air dry the pollution mask to keep it dry and clean if it has become moist.
The efficiency of this anti-pollution mask may get lowered after washing, change the filter if there is difficulty in breathing
The filter is not washable

Open/Unfold the face mask
Insert the filter into the interlayer and adjust the length of the earloops to best fit the ears
Place the loops around your ears so that they are comfortable and also snugly fit

2 filters are provided in pack. Remove the filter when washing the mask. If the mask is not clean or filter is broken, or if user feels it is difficult to breathe, please change the filter.