Introducing Dettol Gold

Dettol Gold range

Dettol has been protecting generations of Indians from harmful, disease-causing germs. Its new avatar, the Dettol Gold range, continues its great run with superior germ fighting action for you and your family. Designed to provide an effective barrier against many germs, it is enriched with lemongrass oil and a pleasing fragrance. Regular use of the Dettol Gold range of soaps will leave your skin feeling clean and pampered.

Hand hygiene

An important part of personal hygiene is keeping the hands clean and free of germs. But not many people are aware of the fact that handwashing entails the right technique. It is not enough to merely wash the hands with water, but a good scrub with soap is necessary. Washing your hands with soap removes many disease-causing germs from your skin than washing only with water. The hands are the biggest carriers of germs, and keeping them clean eliminates the risk of illness. The Dettol Gold range provides round the clock protection against illness-causing germs.

How to wash your hands

Start by incorporating the Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash into your family’s daily hand washing routine, and then follow these 8 steps to get perfectly clean, germ-free hands:

  1. Wet the hands under clean running water
  2. Apply a small amount of Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash
  3. Rub your palms together to work up a lather
  4. Rub your fingers against each other, and take care to clean the skin between them as well
  5. Rub your nails on your palms
  6. Rub the back of each hand
  7. Wash off the soap under running water
  8. Dry your hands on a clean napkin or paper towel


How can Dettol Gold help me and my family?

The Dettol Gold range of soaps are an effective warrior against disease-causing germs and microbes that can latch on to the skin every day, such as these germs that cause illnesses:


It has long been thought that diarrhoea only occurs among economically disadvantaged populations, but the fact is that it can strike anyone. It is largely the result of unclean hands passing on the contamination to other persons and objects. Hence, washing your hands is the first step in eliminating diarrhoea. The CDC (Center for disease control) conducted research which revealed that 42% to 47% reduction in diarrhoea was possible in communities that washed its hands.

Skin infections

Most skin infections are caused by bacterial infestations that flourish in hot and humid climates and the sweaty folds of skin. Close skin contact with these germs or contact with objects contaminated with these germs can pass skin infections among people. Washing your hands frequently can stop these germs from spreading further. Use Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash Classic to keep these infestations away.

Viral and Respiratory Infections

The flu causes fever, body ache and some amount of respiratory distress. Viral infections can also cause respiratory infections. Often, these infections can make their way into the body via contact with contaminated surfaces. If one touches a contaminated surface and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth, the infection can spread and set in. Hence, frequent hand washing is important to stop the spread of these infections. Dettol Gold provides the necessary protection against germs causing viral and respiratory infections.


One of the most dangerous respiratory infections, pneumonia, causes the tissues in the lungs to swell up and cause respiratory distress; the illness is caused by a bacterial infection. Pneumonia causes the tiny air sacs in the lungs to clog with fluid and makes breathing difficult. Timely vaccination may prevent the illness, as also washing the hands regularly to kill the germs present on the skin.


This illness is caused by the settling of a bacterial infection in the tummy. It is fairly common and can be treated with medicine and rest, but the bacteria that cause it must be contained before they spread too much. You can kill these bacteria by washing your hands regularly this is important to do before preparing food and after visiting the restroom. Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash is the most effective germ protection system for you and your family.

Is the Dettol Gold range just for my hands?

There’s more good news – the Dettol Gold range can be used for your entire body! Apart from the liquid hand wash, you can use the Dettol Gold Classic Clean Bar Soap in the bath. It kills all the harmful germs on the skin, leaving you protected and looked after for hours after use.