Healthy Body

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Healthy Body Hygiene hotspots and all you need to know about keeping skin clean and healthy.

Your skin is the first line of defence from the outside world. Every day it comes in contact with pollutants, germs and bacteria. Keeping your skin clean and healthy is important to make sure this protective barrier function stays intact.

Dettol has pulled together a guide to how your skin works with some common queries and issues.

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Healthy Skin

What is healthy skin and why is it important? All is explained in this guide.

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Body Odour

Our guide to Body Odour and how to avoid it

 Tips To Stay Hygienic In Public 200X200

Tips to stay hygienic in public transports

Usage of public transport is unavoidable in this time and age. Unless you are highly affluent and only travel in a private car and jet, you have to depend on the regular metro, bus, or train for...

Tvätta händer

Hygiene in your daily life

We are all completely aware of the kind of health risks that we are exposed to on a daily basis, and that has made hygiene the most vital part of our life. Actually, majority of the new-world...

Keeps Germs At Bay 200 X 200

Tips to enjoy street food and keep germs at bay

If someone tells you that they are not a foodie, trust me they are lying through their teeth. They love food irrespective it is served on a silver platter in a swanky restaurant or a paper plate on...

 Healthy Holidays Are Happy Holidays 200X200

Healthy Holidays Are Happy Holidays

With the summer holidays on its way, it is time for you and your family to have some fun under the sun. Going on a vacation means it’s even more crucial for you to look after the health of yourself...

 Staying Fresh In Summer 200X200

Staying Fresh in Summer

We’ve all been through it – sweating excessively and then experiencing body odour. Body odour is the disagreeable odour that dried sweat emits from the body and clothes. It happens every time we...

Stay Cool And Not Sweat It

Stay cool and not sweat it out this summer

Our guide to Body Odour and how to avoid it

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