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Learn How to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Organized

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Keep your family healthy with proper kitchen hygiene, safe food preparation and Kitchen cleaning tips from Dettol


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Kitchen hygiene and hotspots

Learn about the germ hot spots in the kitchen and how to help protect your family with simple cleaning and disinfecting tips.

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Kichen Hygiene - Food safety and hygiene

Did you know that most cases of food poisoning actually happen in the home as a result of poor kitchen hygiene? Learn more how to prevent food poisoning by practicing the 4C’s of food safety.

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How to Keep Kitchen Clean and Organised?

Cleaning the kitchen efficiently and effectively takes some practice, but once you learn how to clean a kitchen, you will be able to easily maintain it. Read on to learn how to deep clean your...

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The daily kitchen cleaning checklist

Your kitchen can be a site of many germs and infections if not cleaned regularly. We present a cleaning checklist.

The kitchen is the most important space in the house – it is where the...

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Do You Really Know How to Clean a Kitchen?

Keeping the kitchen spick and span can sometimes be a tricky task. However, once you learn how to keep a kitchen spotless, you will be able to easily maintain it. Below mentioned are some really...

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Is your kitchen really clean?

Don’t be fooled by surfaces devoid of spills and floors recently washed clean. The kitchen is a hothouse of bacterial activity that cause a variety of illnesses.

The kitchen is one of the...

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